Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ideal Job Out of School - P1_P2

Ideal Job Out of School - P1_P2

P1_p2 - Ideal Job Out of School -

My ideal job after departing from school would a position where I can utilize all the skills I’ve learned obtaining my Business Administration Support degree. Because I’m new to this field, I’d like to work with others. I would like to take advantage of the guidance and insight of those who are already established to be as successful as I can be. Learning from your mistakes, and those of others, is a great way to learn. After I’ve gotten my hands dirty, I would like my job to be a healthy balance of independent and team-related tasks. 

I think the position I obtain would be most likely standard hours, heavily computer based, and hopefully something with very high potential to advance. I am considering getting an additional certificate in human resources and focusing on being a HR assistant. Also, I studied briefly at the Art Institute of Seattle in Residential Design, so maybe an additional certificate in Architectural Graphics and working as an assistant at an architectural firm. Overall, tasks would range from creating calendars, documents, and spreadsheets. Scheduling and organizing events along with maintaining and updating client information would also describe my anticipated duties. 

I am not too focused on salary. I assume entry level positions equal entry level pay and that is what I can hope for. Based on, average pay for an Administrative assistant is $12-16/hr, which is something I am not too thrilled about since it’s less than what I currently make. Instead of directing attention to pay, I am more focused and concerned with benefits- which is just as important.